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Goodwell is a partnership law firm situated in Dalian. The

predecessor of Goodwell is Inmac & Co which was established

in 1998. In the past dozen years, Inmac & Co and Goodwell

had provided professional legal services to both domestic

and overseas clients with the key concept of “Being

Professional with Good Faith, Presenting Services with

Empressement” and earned recognition widely. In order

to adapt to the enlargement of services, Liaoning Goodwell

Law Firm was founded in 2009 based on Inmac & Co. Goodwell

Law Firm focuses on law services in aspects of admiralty,

maritime and other civil-commercial services, and we also

have years of experiences in this field as well as

exceptional reserve of talents.


Goodwell Law Firm has two professional Groups, the Maritime and Admiralty Group and the Civil and Commercial Law Group. All the personnel have received excellent law education of profession. Most of us have educational background above the master of law level. A number of practicing lawyers have oversea study experiences, with the degree of master or doctor. The practicing lawyers we hire cover captains with rich experiences, university lecturers and professors equipped with both law theory and practical experiences. Also, the maritime law experts, civil-commercial law professors and senior captains with abundant experiences of practice and teaching are hired as the senior consultants. Additionally, there are respected professors of maritime law as general senior consultants and senior captains with abundant experience of practice and teaching as navigation skills consultants. We commit ourselves to building a professional lawyer team with international level, providing both domestic and abroad clients with efficient and excellent legal services.


Goodwell is currently acting as permanent legal consultant to dozens of companies. The firm provides legal services to our domestic and overseas clients. Goodwell’s services mainly cover two areas, Maritime and Admiralty, Civil and Commercial. Our Maritime and Admiralty Group services on carriage of goods by sea, marine insurance, ship collision, personal injury and death at sea, sea pollution, ship building, ship purchase and finance and other litigation and non-litigation cases. Our Civil and Commercial Law Group services on personal tort, intellectual property, marriage, inheritance, contract, corporate affairs and other litigation and non-litigation cases.


We are devoted to build a professional team with international reputation and provide our clients the best legal services with the firm philosophy of “Being Professional with Good Faith, Presenting Services with Empressement”.


Members of Expert Database: Si Yuzhuo、 Shan Hongjun

Maritime and Admiralty Group:Zhang Hongkai/ Yu Shihui/ Gan Hongxia/XieJing/ Zhang Jinlei/Wang Yingjun / Wang Tingting

Civil and Commercial Law Group: Liu Jiechang/ Zhu Dan/Wu Shanshan/ He Chaofan/ Zhang Hong/ Zhao Ying / Wu Di/


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