• collision, allision, stranding and other types marine accidents
  • b)oil pollution and marine environment pollution
  • c)personal injury or death at sea
  • d)salvage, towage and general average
  • e)contract of carriage of goods by see and multimodal transport contract involving bills of lading, voyage charter party, sea waybill, through B/L and etc
  • f)charter party involving time charter party and bareboat charter party.
  • g)logistics contract
  • h)contract of carriage of passengers
  • i)ship's purchase and sale, ship finance, ship arrest, ship mortgage, ships hire-purchase and register
  • j)ship build and repair, ship dismantle and ship transformation
  • k)freight forwarding
  • l)ship operation, management, agent and supply
  • m)crews employment
  • n)limitation of liability for maritime claims




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